Learning Java Is Easier Than I Thought

For a very long time now I have been afraid of learning Java. I have always opted to learn something else such as Python because I felt that Java was too complicated. My fears were also intensified by other developers out there that kept on saying how long it took to learn the language, or how complex it was to grasp even the basic concepts of the language.

But I am a developer, and learning is what we do so I decided to put my fears aside and took the plunge yesterday. I logged into my codecademy account I started my Java course. I am currently at 25% of the course and I am feeling very satisfied with the progress I`ve made. The language is very simple. It`s syntax is very similar to that of multiple other languages that I`ve learned over the past few years.

If you are out there and you feel like Java is too hard to learn, it is not. I would not advise it for a newbie but if you feel like you got the stomach for it then go for it. I have been designing apps for Android but I have never developed any of them. With my new knowledge of Java, I hope I will soon be able to fire up Android Studio and get something into the App Store as soon as possible.

If you have something to say about this post make sure to comment below. If you want to collaborate on a fun project then fill in the contact form or contact me.


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