The Future Is With Microsoft (Not Apple…at least NOT Anymore!!!)

As I write this post, I do so with a very heavy heart. I am a big fan of Steve Jobs and his works and I can only imagine how much he would be disappointed in the company that he left behind.

Over the period of time after Steve Jobs came back to Apple, it was the most innovative company and it was worth more than Google and Microsoft combined. Jobs led to the development of revolutionary technologies;from the iMac, 1000 songs in your pocket(iPod), iTunes, the MacBook, the iPhone, the iPad and the App Store among others, then…he DIED!

It seems that Apple have since lost their magic. They have abandoned their main users:Artists and Developers who feel that their needs have been neglected. Instead of improving performance through higher processing power, Apple are more keen on winning trophies such as:slimmest laptop and adding more batteries or coming up with new colors.

Microsoft on the other hand have been working extremely hard on making designer and developer tools. Their hard work is finally paying off. Microsoft have in the last few years launched:Windows 10, the surface line of products that include the surface pro, studio and recently the surface laptop, hololens and a ‘dumbed down’ version of Windows 10 for school.

In Fall, Microsoft will release yet another Windows 10 creators update which will be among the updates that they have released specifically for the creatives. Windows have announced mixed reality kits from manufacturers such as HP, Acer and Lenovo. These kits will start at around 299 USD which is quite affordable considering Microsoft`s own Hololens goes for about 3000 USD.

In the last 5 years, there is absolutely nothing revolutionary that Apple has given to developers. They keep on saying they have projects  they are keeping under wraps but there really isn`t anything going on. The iPhone7 was a flop, developers wanted a touch screen and not a touch bar, and their announcement of new health tracking features of their watch is nothing new;we`ve seen it all from guys like fitbit and Nikey.

As I come to the end of this post, I call out to Apple, “Please, we NEED the magic back”


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