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My HTML5 & CSS3 Course Is Complete

I am currently learning the front-end development online and so far so good. Over the last few weeks I have been learning HTML 5 and CSS 3 on codecademy which I completed yesterday.

HTMLCSS complete 1 day ago.PNG

Although it was fun, I must say I faced a lot of challenges. The most common one was forgetting to include the semicolon at the end of a statement. The other challenge was working with the <table></table> element(I still have to work on this).

I have already began working on JavaScript as my last front-end development language before I embark on PHP and SQL. I had started PHP some time back but realized that there is not much I could do with it a a full stack developer without learning HTML first so I put it on hold. By now I have forgotten almost everything on PHP due to lack of practice. I shall no make the same mistake with HTML and CSS. I plan on building a WordPress theme project that I will post on my GitHub page for anyone that would like to use it for their website.



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