How To Learn Web Development for Free

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Free! Yes, you can get very nice web development skills online for free. There are so many options out there such as Lynda, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy among others that allow you to learn web development online. Here I`m going to highlight my favorite platform and tell you why it is so. Code Academy In the year 2014, I sought… Continue reading How To Learn Web Development for Free

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My HTML5 & CSS3 Course Is Complete

I am currently learning the front-end development online and so far so good. Over the last few weeks I have been learning HTML 5 and CSS 3 on codecademy which I completed yesterday. Although it was fun, I must say I faced a lot of challenges. The most common one was forgetting to include the semicolon at the end of a statement. The other challenge was … Continue reading My HTML5 & CSS3 Course Is Complete

Getting Into iOS App Development

Programming If you want to get into iOS development you have to begin with learning the programming language. iOS devices are programmed using Apple`s Swift programming language. Before Swift, there was Objective-C. However, the wiz-geeks at Apple developed Swift which allowed developers to concentrate on solving a problem rather than finding out how a program worked. Swift 3 was recently released as the stable version … Continue reading Getting Into iOS App Development